that's the look of Georgia in the native georgian language. It sounds Sak'art'velo.

In September 1999 I made a trip through these caucasian republic. It was a very interesting and beautiful tour. Here you can see photos.

First I visited the capitol Tbilisi, where I arrived by plane. Next I walked one week through the Little Caucasia around Bakuriani.
After that, I made a "really" mountain trip. I was trying to go to the top of the 5.033m high Mt. Kazbek. This peak is around 100 km north of the capitol. These trip lasted one week, including the transfer to the village near the peak.
Subsequently I made a culture trip. I visited Gori, the hometown of Stalin, the very old cave city Uplisziche (it's near Gori and was founded before Christ), Kutaisi with the Gelati monastery, Akhaltsikhe und at last the very famous cave city Vardsia.
After this culture trip, I needed time to relax. I went to the coast of the Black Sea in Ureki. I spent some days at the beach and after that I went back to Germany by plane.

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Micha Borrmann

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